Hira Signature Blend

The Hira Signature Blend is an exquisite collection of loose Chai teas, developed by our expert blenders.

The term “Chai” which means tea in numerous languages, is used interchangeably with “Masala Chai”, an Indian version of it. Simply put, it is a mix of spices and tea. The spice mixes vary from cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, tulsi (holy basil), and anise.

Each pack contains 100 grams of QualiTEA Loose Tea (40-50 servings) and 50 paper tea bag filters.


Bombay Cutting

Bombay Cutting ChaiTake a trip to the heart of all things India, with a delectable cup of this tea blend.

The choicest of spices including warm cardamom, sharp ginger and exotic fennel seeds are blended to perfection with fresh, strong Assam CTC. With some milk and sugar, this makes the ideal cup of indulgence, whenever the mood suits you.



Kashmiri Kahwa

Kashmiri Kahwa ChaiKahwa is a traditional green tea preparation made with exotic spices.

Our signature blend features fine green tea which has been combined with rich ingredients, including cardamom, almonds, cinnamon and cloves. Its signature flavor is derived from the use of saffron strands, that are included in the blend. A truly celebratory tea, Kahwa is best served during brunch hours.



Maharaja Rana

Maharaja Rana ChaiThis is a spiced oolong Chai tea, which is flavorful, aromatic and guaranteed to soothe and recharge your senses.

An eclectic addition to our Indian Chai category, the Maharaja Chai is made by our in-house master blenders by mixing classic Darjeeling oolong with crushed cardamom pods, cinnamon and cloves. The dark red liquor is a visual delight, while the teasing fragrance of cardamom and other spices makes this a great tea to start your mornings with.



Mint Tulsi

Mint Tulsi Chai

Aromatic and flavorsome, nothing gets you refreshed like a cup of this tea. Heady perfume of mint enlivens your senses almost instantly.

The taste has top notes of sweet holy basil along with mellow flavor of spearmint that lends some astringency to this tea. Perfect for balmy evenings.



Choco Muscat

Choco Muscat Chai

Introducing for the first time a chocolate chai blend created using the finest quality cocoa beans and aromatic Darjeeling muscatel.

Its brownish orange liquor emanates a heady aroma of chocolate and cinnamon. And a sip will take your taste buds on a flavor journey – from dark chocolate to a strong muscatel one. And the best part is, you can enjoy this tea anytime of the day.



Kesar Delight

Kesar Delight Chai

A delightful white tea blend, this one stands as quite ceremonious. An exotic medley of pure saffron, delicate white tea and tangy lemongrass, this tea will give you a flavor rush from the first sip.

Take in heady scent of saffron and spring flowers as the fragile flavors fill your senses. The taste starts out a bit spicy, followed by the sweet aftertaste of maple syrup. The tangy kick of lemongrass is felt towards the end. The finish is sweet and smooth.





Paper Tea Bag Filters

All our Loose Teas, now ship with 50 paper tea bag filters!

As quoted by a customer “It’s smart business men like yourself, that make people happy! Time to order that tea…..”


Paper Tea Bag Filter













Genmaicha (a.k.a. Popcorn Tea) – Click to buy

Genmaicha is the Japanese name for green tea combined with roasted brown rice. It is sometimes referred to colloquially as “Popcorn Tea” because a few grains of the rice pop during the roasting process and resemble popcorn.

This type of tea was originally drunk by poor Japanese, as the rice served as a filler and reduced the price of the tea; which is why it is also known as the “People’s Tea.” It was also used by those persons fasting for religious purposes or who found themselves to be between meals for long periods of time. Today it is consumed by all segments of society.


Royal Chai – Hira Catering Pack

Royal Chai - Hira Catering PackRoyal Chai strives to provide a quick, simple and convenient way of enjoying your favorite Chai anytime and anywhere.

Now, you have an on-the-go traditional Indian chai to take and make anywhere. Simply add hot water!

Available in unsweetened versions of Masala, Ginger and Elaichi.

Each pack contains around 90-100 servings.

Ideal for:

  • Caterers
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Parties
  • Work place
  • Chai lovers



Royal Chai

Royal Chai is an aromatic tea infused with exotic spices, serving an exquisite experience with each luxurious sip. Each Royal Chai sachet contains the perfect combination of Skimmed Milk, Tea and Exotic Spices, which gives every Royal Chai serving its refreshing, authentic taste.

You just have to try it to believe it!

Royal Chai is 100% NATURAL, No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added.

Now made in the UK.


Royal Chai