HiraTea teams up with Chins Kitchen…

Chins KitchenNankhatai – All butter, delicately spiced Indian origin shortbreads, light and crumbly in texture.

At Chinskitchen we strongly believe in creating great quality products, free from artificial additives and preservatives. Handmade with love, we make our Nankhatai fresh to order in small batches so you get to enjoy it for longer. From sourcing ingredients to creating the product there is no compromise on taste, quality or texture. Being creative with spices, we have revived the classic Nankhatai with a variety of classic and modern flavours. Perfect for those who enjoy unique and creative flavours in their bakes.

As an artisan bakery we love supporting other Independent producers or suppliers and we do this by collaborating or sourcing great quality ingredients from them.

Meet the Baker
Chins KitchenMy name is Chintal Kakaya, I was born in Mombasa, Kenya and moved to the UK at a very young age. As a child I was surrounded by a close knit community who shared the same passion for food. Whether it was a

get together or festivals ladies from the community would gather round at my childhood home to assist  mum and grandmother to make sweets and savouries to feed large numbers. My mum being the main inspiration especially with baking , I followed in her footsteps and started creating a range of cakes, bakes and desserts.

Determination and passion allowed me to experiment with recipes, blending flavours and spices to create her own unique twist on classic recipes. This is how Chinskitchen was born. A fusion of traditional and modern, most of our creations are free from any artificial flavours and preservatives and all are made with reduced sugar content.

We want you to enjoy these deliciously light and melt in the mouth fragrant nankhatai as much as we enjoy baking each one by hand.

We love hearing from our customers, please contact us with your feedback or questions.

Much Love
Chintal Kakaya

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