Importance of Water

The quality of the water makes such a difference!

Did you know that water quality affects your tea?

You can have the best quality tea, the water boiled to the correct temperature, but if your water isn’t good your tea will not taste its best. In fact in can taste awful. Some people like to use bottled spring water to make their tea, but a very convenient and cost effective option is to filter your tap water.

Why filter tap water? 

Natural water and normal drinking water from your tap, all contain dissolved gases and salts, including calcium and magnesium. These salts affect the ‘hardness’ of your water and can vary depending on where you live forming insoluble compounds such as lime, often referred to as lime scale. You’ll no doubt have seen this for yourself as the white scale left on appliances such as kettles, steam irons etc. wherever water is heated. In addition, some water can be affected by the pipes through which it flows and as a result contain traces of lead and copper. The presence of chlorine can also affect the taste of your tea. Using a water filter will reduce these substances in your water and make for a much better cup of tea.

What types of water filters are available? 

There are many types and kinds on the market to suit everyone’s taste, demands and budgets and these can range from full blown filters attached to your incoming water supply to a simple water filter jug.