Spiced Chai Phirni



In a saucepan take 1/2pint of milk, add 1 teabag (I used Yorkshire gold Mr Spoonfuls favourite tea), add few cloves, two small cinnamon sticks, two whole cardamom pods (be sure to bash and bruise these a bit to release flavour) and 3tbs of sugar. Bring this mixture to the boil. 

Then add half a sachet of Royal Chai (ginger flavour) and simmer for a few minutes. 

Turn off the heat and leave the mixture to infuse the spices.

In a separate pan add 50g rice flour and add the cooled milk mixture (be sure to strain out the whole spices). 

Stir using a whisk on a low heat until desired consistency and pour into individual ramekins. 

Let it cool and refrigerate. 

Recipe by spoonfulsofzee

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