Royal Chai – Masala

Darren Coles, ,

FANTASTIC TASTING TEA! Just a real pleasure to drink! The BEST tea I’ve ever had by far! No I don’t own shares in Royal Chai lol! Was recommended by a friend and have been addicted since! I recommend to everyone I know! A real kick in the morning for me too! (50-60mg caffeine per sachet). This comes in very handy as I’m a full time dad of a new born and full time carer for his mum! Really helps me get up and going of an AM! I’m really pissed that Tesco Extra Banbury cannot get it in (they’ve refused to help out, despite trying EVERYTHING with them to get it sorted!) and have lost out on my business for this product. I’m not going to drive 25 miles to Cowley, Oxford (nearest Tesco from me stocking it) and back each time I run out of it! Thank you Hira Tea for delivering direct to my door, even if you are a little more expensive than Tesco!